COLA was born at a workshop on the use of functional transcranial Doppler sonography (fTCD) to investigate language lateralisation held at the University of Oxford in June 2018.


The meeting was attended by researchers from University College London (Professor Mairead Macsweeney, Dr Eva Gutierrez-Sigut and Dr Heather Payne), Bangor University (Ms Emma Karlsson), University of Lincoln (Dr Jessica Hodgson), Radboud University (Dr Margriet Groen) and University of Oxford (Professor Dorothy Bishop, Dr Zoe Woodhead, Dr Paul Thompson and Ms Abigail Bradshaw). The workshop focused on the present state of language laterality research using fTCD, and ideas for how to progress the field in future. It was decided that a collaborative approach towards shared goals, using open science practises, would have the best chance of success.

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